1st International Health Service Sustainability Congress

"Research, Maintenance, Application, Management" in the New Normalization Period

5 - 6 NOVEMBER 2021

Dear Colleagues;

As Ege University Faculty of Health Sciences and Sakarya University of Applied Sciences Faculty of Health Sciences, we are very happy and honored to invite you to the "1st International Health Service Sustainability Congress", which will be held online for the first time on 5-6 November 2021. The COVID-19 epidemic, which is being experienced on a global scale, has adversely affected the economic, social structure and education processes as especially human health all over the world and in our country. In order to overcome this process with the least damage, the effect of the epidemic is tried to be minimized by taking new normalization steps. At this stage, normalization steps are taken in our country as well as all over the world, and a new one is added to these steps every day. In this process, the effects experienced especially in the health sciences have been a guide in determining the theme of our congress. In our congress, which we organized with the theme of "Research - Care - Practice - Management in the New Normalization Process", it is aimed to bring together national and international scientists / health personnel in all fields of health sciences, especially based on Nutrition and Dietetics, Midwifery, Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation, Nursing and Health Management. It is aimed to provide cooperation and effective communication, to share current information and experiences, and to discuss the results of scientific studies.

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 epidemic, participation in the congress will be made online. In the "1st International Health Service Sustainability Congress", various conferences, panels and courses will be organized with the experts of different departments in the field of health sciences with interactive participation, and in addition to this; oral/poster papers will be accepted. Papers presented at the congress will be published in the Proceeding Book with ISBN.

Your contribution and participation in our congress will make us stronger, we will be very happy to see you among us.


Hope to see you at our congress…

With love and respect


Congress Co-Chairs

Prof. Dr. Asiye AKYOL

Ege University

Dean of the Faculty of Health Sciences

Prof. Dr. Yurdanur DIKMEN

Sakarya University of Applied Sciences

Dean of the Faculty of Health Sciences

*Our Congress is held in accordance with associate professor criteria and all academic upgrades, except for academic incentives.






→In the Field of Nutrition and Dietetics;

  • Sustainable Nutrition
  • Future Food Sources
  • Nutritional Supplements


→In the field of midwifery;

  • 1st Stage Health Services
  • Maternity and Postpartum Midwifery Care/Services
  • Online Midwifery Services


→In the Field of Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation;

  • Complications After Covid-19
  • Technological Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Approaches in the New Normalization
  • Physical Inactivity Caused by Covid-19
  • Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Education in the New Normalization
  • Sports Competitions and Athlete Health in the New Normalization

→In The Field of Nursing;

  • Digital Health
  • Use Of Information and Information Technologies
  • Creative and Innovative Care Practices
  • Crisis Management
  • Adaptation Process in the Pandemic
  • Care Process in Pandemic


→In the Field of Health Management;

  • Sustainability of clinical, Conservation and Emergency Medical Services
  • Entrepreneurship in The Health Sector (such as vaccines, materials) and Community Participation
  • Management and Leadership Practices in Health Services
  • International Health Systems and International Health Organizations in the New Normalization
  • Migrants and Vulnerable Groups (children, disabled, elderly) in the New Normalization
  • Health Tourism in the New Normalization
  • New Normalization and Scientific / Clinical Research